DIY Potting Bench part 2: Adventures in dirty thrift store land

4 thrift stores later, (I am one determined bugger) I found her! There she is! Do you see her? Yeah, me neither. But I (barely) found my future potting bench amidst all of that rubble. How much was it, you say? $50? $27? The person who made that price tag couldn't decide either. Hold onto your britches- $21! Yep, she's a cheap ol' broad. Sort of a shame to even put her outside.

Here were a few more candidates. Hairpin legs! Enamel top! $35! Unfortunately, just a little too short (it was below my waist, and I am a mere 5'2) Move on, Goldilocks. This one isn't the right fit.

Hmmm.....rusty vintage bar cart. This could definitely work (I could see hanging garden tools on the handle), just a little too small to hold all of my junk.

Anyway, if the weather cooperates we'll be well on our way to planting and drinking, despite more snow on the way. Pipe dreams, ya'll.

DIY-ish Potting Bench


Spring is almost here! And with that comes the insatiable need to brighten everything up (or in my case, paint everything in sight turquoise) plant flowers, and enjoy a tasty beverage in the nice weather (totally in denial, disregarding the weatherman just saying more snow is on the way- cruel April Fool's joke, Mother Nature. Cruel!) In any event, now that we have some gardens to tend to we're gonna need a place to work (and maybe even throw a tablecloth over it and enjoy those tasty beverages!) I can't bring myself to dish out the $200 for a new potting table, and the vintage route is more my style anyway. Simple enough- buy a dirty table, add pots, add more dirt. Voila! Super stylish potting bench. If you're gonna get your hands dirty, you may as well do it in style, right? Here is our inspiration:
Simple enough? Now, on the hunt for that perfect dirty old table.