DIY Potting Bench part 2: Adventures in dirty thrift store land

4 thrift stores later, (I am one determined bugger) I found her! There she is! Do you see her? Yeah, me neither. But I (barely) found my future potting bench amidst all of that rubble. How much was it, you say? $50? $27? The person who made that price tag couldn't decide either. Hold onto your britches- $21! Yep, she's a cheap ol' broad. Sort of a shame to even put her outside.

Here were a few more candidates. Hairpin legs! Enamel top! $35! Unfortunately, just a little too short (it was below my waist, and I am a mere 5'2) Move on, Goldilocks. This one isn't the right fit.

Hmmm.....rusty vintage bar cart. This could definitely work (I could see hanging garden tools on the handle), just a little too small to hold all of my junk.

Anyway, if the weather cooperates we'll be well on our way to planting and drinking, despite more snow on the way. Pipe dreams, ya'll.


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